Vertiv has launched a new modular UPS system for data centers.

The company this week introduced Trinergy, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) engineered to handle the fluctuating load demands of data centers; and PowerNexus, an integrated solution that provides space-saving close coupling of the UPS and system switchgear. Both solutions are available globally.

Vertiv trinergy ups
Vertiv's Trinergy UPS – Vertiv

The modular design features 500kW physically segregated cores – each featuring an inverter, rectifier, booster/charger, and dedicated, segregated controls allowing them to operate independently. Trinergy UPS is available globally in 1500, 2000, and 2500kVA capacities.

"High-capacity power in a highly reliable system design is critical for data-intensive AI and HPC applications," said Kyle Keeper, SVP of power management global business unit at Vertiv.

"Leveraging over 40 years of innovation, Vertiv Trinergy UPS offers the resilience essential for operations to become future-ready and to support AI loads. It delivers the flexibility required to adapt to various AI applications and is designed to integrate seamlessly with different prime and backup power sources, lithium-ion and nickel-zinc batteries, and alternative distributed energy sources, including fuel cells and long-duration batteries.”

The UPS is capable of running from a DC source at full load for an indefinite amount of time. The UPS is also compatible with Vertiv’s DynaFlex Battery Energy Storage System, which can leverage alternative energy sources for backup or primary power.

The system can also leverage Vertiv’s Dynamic Grid Support feature to participate in demand management and other grid services, where available.

Vertiv claimed that Trinergy exceeds Tier IV power chain expected availability, with 99.9999998 percent projected uptime, compared to 99.9994 percent for Tier IV systems – a difference between 30 seconds of downtime in ten years for Trinergy compared to eight hours in ten years for Tier IV.