Brian Mc Donagh from Ecologic Datacentres explains his approach to server heat reuse

In this interview Brian Mc Donagh, CEO at Ecologic Datacentres Limited, demonstrates the value of waste heat produced by servers.

Ecologic has built a modular data center on a truck, and an ISO container-shaped glasshouse on another truck. The company then used its patented ’de-superheater’, a piece of equipment that works in combination with a heatpump, to recover all of the server heat and transfer it to the glasshouse at an acceptable temperature and without energy loss.

Mc Donagh explains the differences between this approach and a typical heatpump setup.

Technology developed by Ecologic will be used on an upcoming data center campus in Wicklow, Ireland, where it will heat large industrial greenhouses, and more applications are envisaged in the future.