We can guess how Cisco boss Chuck Robbins chooses his victims, but we are stumped by the meaning of “rouver”

Cisco has a new org chart this week, but it looks strangely familiar. However the word “rouver” is completely new to us. This week White Space welcomes back Max Smolaks and takes a sideways look at tech news.

Just back from China, Max fills us in on Huawei’s progress from tech copycat to would-be leader in network technology.

Meanwhile, the network incumbent Cisco is going through changes, as new CEO Chuck Robbins removes some vice presidents. The new org chart resembles a dart board. That can’t be deliberate surely? Or is it channeling something older and more heroic? 

And our wits are tested by a new word: “rouver’. Can you guess the meaning before we do?  If you know what a rouver is and if you’ve seen one in the wild, we want to hear from you! 

Elevator music, courtesy of Bensound.com.