We talk about airline outages, weird flash storage and Nervana

This week on White Space, we talk about the recent Delta Airlines outage that led to cancellation of more than 700 flights over two days.

Meanwhile Facebook has been doing a Yojimbo, playing Utah and New Mexico against each other to see which state offers more generous tax incentives.

Peter has rediscovered Microsoft’s €2 billion data center project in the Netherlands that has been forgotten by journalists. Waste heat from the campus could have very interesting uses in farming – watch this space.

Seagate has announced a 60TB solid state drive, offering four times more storage capacity than the largest drive on the market today while still fitting in a traditional 3.5-inch form-factor. These bad boys are expected on sale sometime in 2017.

Alibaba has been scouting out Ireland for potential data center locations, and the country’s power producers say there’s plenty of electricity to spare.

Netlist has launched a hybrid of random access memory and flash that is compatible with all Linux (and soon Windows) servers, and is conveniently named HybriDIMM.

And finally, Intel’s acquisition of Nervana promises specialized machine learning chips for the masses.