We talk about Chanel’s recent fashion show and evaluate cannabis production as a data center strategy

This week on White Space, we discuss the fact that the US National Security Agency built its first Tier III data center in the UK, back in 2011 – something that was kept a secret from the public, but has been recently revealed by Edward Snowden.

There are new rumors about the mystery buyer for Verizon’s data center properties: the name starts with an ‘E’ … and ends with ‘quinix’.

Another rumor concerns the potential deal between VMware and AWS – is the virtualization pioneer getting out of the public cloud business?

Meanwhile Chanel has proclaimed that data centers are in fashion, by putting on a fashion show that borrowed heavily from the world of racks and servers.

We are pleased that someone else has noted the similarities between critical infrastructure facilities and hydroponic farms used to grow industrial quantities of Cannabis. Hell, Stulz – a familiar name in data center equipment –is already making a CRAC that’s been adapted for medical Marijuana production.