US liquid cooling firm ZutaCore has partnered with Taiwanese IT infrastructure provider Wiwynn.

Wiwynn has invested in ZutaCore as part of the agreement to help accelerate the deployment of its HyperCool liquid cooling technology.

Other details of the agreement were not shared.

Zutacore Wiwynn
Zutacore and Wiwynn at Computex – Zutacore on LinkedIn

ZutaCore said its HyperCool solution can meet the demands of power-intensive AI workloads and will reduce power and water usage with minimal modifications to existing infrastructure.

“With dozens of HyperCool deployments in production, ZutaCore has emerged as the clear leader of direct-to-chip liquid cooling technology. Through this partnership with Wiwynn, we can set a new standard for sustainable AI in the data center, where energy efficiency and net zero goals can coexist with the aggressive scale and ramp-up of an AI-powered world,” said Erez Freibach, co-founder and CEO of ZutaCore.

Emily Hong, Wiwynn’s chair and chief strategy officer, said: “The rise of AI is heating rapid growth in data centers and advanced cooling solutions are key to unlocking their full potential. We are thrilled about our investment in ZutaCore. Together, we can accelerate the development and adoption of two-phase direct-to-chip liquid cooling technology, unleashing the power of data centers with innovative, sustainable, and efficient cooling solutions in the AI era.”

ZutaCore’s HyperCool technology features a closed-loop system, offering a constant and high output water temperature of 70 degrees, utilizing 30 to 40 percent less energy for heat reuse applications. It supports TDPs of 2800W and above.

Wiwynn was founded in 2012 in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Winstron Group, a technology service provider.

The companies said the ZutaCore HyperCool GB200 Grace Blackwell dielectric cold plates will be retrofitted on a Wiwynn AI server rack, with cooling capability starting from 132kW per rack, at the Computex conference in Taiwan.

Zutacore partners with NeevCloud for AI deployment in India

Zutacore also announced it would be entering a partnership with India’s NeevCloud to deploy its HyperCool model across the country. ZutaCore said its technology will be critical in a hot country like India, which is facing a water shortage and a growing power consumption problem.

“By scaling HyperCool throughout data centers in India, we aim to deliver an AI-powered and sustainable cloud that benefits the economy, our country, and future generations,” said Narendra Sen, founder and CEO of NeevCloud.

He added: “Our future developments will all be based on waterless direct-to-chip liquid cooling. With customer deployments already underway, we are excited to introduce this sustainable AI infrastructure across various industries.”

NeevCloud is an Indian Cloud Infrastructure company, aiming to deploy AI sustainably across India. The company’s offerings include cloud clusters and GPU deployments for government entities, enterprises, and researchers.

ZutaCore entered a partnership with French automotive firm Valeo for its data center cooling offering earlier this year and said it has also partnered with AMD, Dell, Equinix, Intel, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for its HyperCool ecosystem.