Inova, a pioneering data center infrastructure products and solution provider, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking product, the AI Ready Rack, designed to meet the escalating demands of the AI era. This product redefines standards in data center infrastructure with its unparalleled load capacity, expansive storage, modular design, and advanced cooling solutions.

Key features of the AI Ready Rack:

1. High load-bearing capacity & resilient construction: The AI Ready Rack has passed the stringent UL2416 test, boasting a remarkable loading capacity of up to 4400 lbs (2000 kg) – the highest among similar products that have achieved UL certification. This ensures continuous reliability and compliance with the UL2416 standard, providing customers with a robust and dependable solution.

Additionally, the rack has undergone various tests in a CNAS third-party laboratory under the ISTA 3E standards, demonstrating its strength and stability for international transportation even when loaded with heavy devices.

2. Expansive storage: The AI Ready Rack offers a larger internal space with additional depth, accommodating servers over 35.4 inches (900mm) in length while still supporting the installation of four PDUs. The extra width facilitates easy wiring and enhances the convenience of server maintenance, making it an ideal choice for data centers of all sizes.

3. Configurable options: Featuring a modular design, the AI Ready Rack allows for effortless configuration and expansion in wiring, airflow management, and the integration of liquid cooling manifolds. This adaptability makes it the perfect fit for various applications, from cloud and service providers to enterprise edge computing and AI model training.

ai ready rack
Inova's AI Ready Rack – Inova

Inova’s AI Ready Rack is designed to excel in various application environments, including cloud and service providers, colocation facilities, small to large data centers, enterprise edge computing, and AI-driven tasks such as large-scale model training and machine learning.

“The AI Ready Rack represents a new frontier in data center infrastructure,” said Sam Allen, general manager at Inova.

“Our team has meticulously engineered this product to not only meet but exceed the demands of modern data centers, particularly in the AI and machine learning sectors. With exceptional cabling, airflow management, and structural strength, the AI Ready Rack is perfectly suited for the advanced infrastructure needs of the AI era.”

The AI Ready Rack is set to become the backbone of modern data centers, offering unmatched performance and flexibility in the age of AI. With its high load-bearing capacity, ample space, configurable options, and optimized airflow and cable management features, the AI Ready Rack stands as the ultimate choice for organizations looking to future-proof their data center infrastructure.