Kohler Power is kicking off the new year with an in-depth discussion on one of the biggest challenges facing the data center industry: how to create more sustainable practices amid the rising demand for more connectivity and data center services.

Kohler is hosting an executive roundtable, ‘Degrees of green: Evolutionary & revolutionary approaches to data center sustainability’, on January 13 at 5pm EST.

The discussion will feature leading industry experts from Google (Joe Kava, VP, data centers), Infrastructure Masons (Dean Nelson, founder & chairman) and Salute Mission Critical (president, Kristen Vosmaer).

Alongside Kohler’s director of data center marketing Sean Farney, the expert panel will address new practices and technologies that can advance data center sustainability.

Data centers account for approximately one percent of the world’s energy consumption. While traditional data centers’ energy usage has decreased in recent years from more than 97 terawatt hours in 2015 to approximately 32 terawatt hours in 2021, hyperscale data centers’ energy consumption has doubled during the same time period.

With the common goal of reducing power usage and adopting more sustainable practices, panelists will discuss:

  • Finding ways to adapt and innovate as demand for data center services increases.
  • How to tangibly measure data center sustainability progress.
  • How data center designers and manufacturers of key equipment can collaborate to deliver more efficient approaches.

To register for the virtual executive roundtable click here.

Members of the media are encouraged to attend. To arrange an interview with Kohler leaders and/or panelists after the executive roundtable, contact Jaymie Scotto & Associates at jsa_kohler@jsa.net.