Subzero Engineering has launched the "Essential" series of data center aisle containment products aimed at hyperscale, colocation, high-performance computing (HPC), and enterprise data center operators.

The range offers a cost-effective vendor-neutral, quick-to-deploy, and flexible containment system. It is available globally, in three form factors: the Essential Line, Essential+, and AisleFrame.

Essentially, keep costs contained

subzero containment.jpeg
– Subzero Engineering

The products are intended to offer Subzero Engineering's products at a more accessible price point.

With a flexible, standards-based approach to design and installation, the Essential Series helps operators to quickly scale or retrofit their facility and improve performance and energy efficiency. Subzero hot or cold aisle containment systems can reduce PUE by 0.4 on average and save approximately 29 percent on energy costs, Subzero claims.

“The Essential Series was born from fifteen years of data center design and engineering experience, and a strong track record for helping customers improve performance and PUE,” said Sam Prudhomme Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “With growing demands for a flexible, low-cost, and high-quality data center containment line, the Essential Series offers the perfect mix of blue-collar functionality and innovation, wrapped in world-class customer service.”

The Essential series is intended to reduce containment costs by up to 30 percent, using high-quality materials with standardized sizes to minimize lead times. Customers can select their solution by choosing the type of door (hinged or sliding, dual or single), the size of the roof or length of the aisle, and add how many racks or panels are needed.

The Essential Plus+ system allows data center customers to quickly upgrade their containment products. Available upgrades include pre-engineered customizations, upgraded materials, increased functionality, white-glove on-site support, and an extended lifetime warranty.

AisleFrame adds an adaptable infrastructure conveyance system, with many design, configuration, and functionality upgrade possibilities.

Essential Structure pricing is determined by identifying four project requirements: frame type (normal or seismic), load requirements (regular, medium, high), rack sizing (5, 10, 15, or 20 racks), and Essential Plus+ upgrades.

“With its lower price point and design flexibility, Subzero is able to offer fifteen years of engineering experience and energy-efficient data center solutions to a broader marketplace,” said Andy Connor, Channel Director, EMEA. The products are manufactured in the USA and Europe.