Data center power requirements are skyrocketing as the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution gains momentum. AI workloads, such as training deep learning models or running large-scale simulations, demand immense computing resources spanning thousands of servers and accelerators like graphics processing units (GPUs) and tensor processing units (TPUs).

These compute-intensive tasks require robust power solutions to prevent data corruption, hardware damage, and costly downtime associated with power interruptions. In this context, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are critical to ensuring that AI data centers can operate at their full potential without interruption.

An interruption in power to these critical AI systems can have devastating consequences beyond data corruption and hardware damage. It can force AI models to restart training from scratch, wasting countless hours of computing time and energy already expended. A robust UPS solution acts as an insurance policy, ensuring that AI workloads can continue to run uninterrupted in the event of a power outage or fluctuation.

StratusPower: Centiel's answer to AI data center power needs

Centiel, a leading manufacturer of UPS systems, recognizes the unique power challenges faced by AI data centers. Their advanced StratusPower UPS systems are designed to address these challenges head-on. Centiel's StratusPower UPS systems feature built-in power conditioning capabilities that effectively mitigate power quality issues such as voltage spikes, sags, and harmonics.

Centiel UPS – Centiel

This protection is crucial for the cutting-edge hardware components in AI data centers, which are highly sensitive to power fluctuations. As AI systems become more sophisticated and complex, the need for clean, consistent power becomes even more critical.

Centiel is at the forefront of innovation, deploying its advanced StratusPower UPS systems in AI data centers worldwide. These high-density systems integrate Centiel's innovative distributed modular architecture to improve power reliability and energy efficiency.

Key features of Centiel's StratusPower UPS systems include:

  • Resilience and reliability: A fault-tolerant, redundant architecture ensures continuous power availability, critical for business continuity and zero downtime
  • Compact design: An optimized footprint of up to 1 MW/m² ensures space efficiency, crucial for space-constrained data centers
  • Industry-leading energy efficiency: Achieving up to 97.6 percent efficiency in VFI mode, StratusPower significantly reduces energy losses and operating costs
  • Future-ready: Centiel's StratusPower is designed with the unpredictable nature of future energy sources in mind, ensuring long-term viability and adaptability
  • Scalability: With power ratings from 10 kW to 62.5 kW per module and system scalability up to 3.75 MW, StratusPower adapts to the evolving needs of data centers

Integrating renewable energy

The surge in energy demand from AI and other data-intensive workloads requires a shift to renewable energy sources. Wind, wave, and solar power are not just alternatives; they are essential to the sustainable growth of data centers. Traditional UPS systems must evolve to accept direct input from renewable sources, minimizing conversion losses and increasing efficiency.

Centiel's StratusPower UPS system is designed with the future in mind, optimized for renewable energy integration. Its unique ability to accept various renewable energy inputs directly on the DC bus positions it as a critical component in the sustainable data center of the future.

Pioneering sustainability

With AI and the blockchain sector set to exponentially accelerate electricity use, data centers need to act now to reduce power consumption. The International Energy Agency predicts that data center electricity consumption could reach more than 1,000 TWh by 2026. This requires not only better energy efficiency but also a fundamental shift in how data centers manage and source their power.

Centiel's StratusPower's advanced modular architecture helps streamline power distribution, reduce operating costs, and improve overall power reliability. Its design supports the seamless integration of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, ensuring long-term viability and adaptability.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, where breakthrough discoveries and innovations happen at a breakneck pace, the ability to maintain continuous operations is invaluable. By investing in reliable UPS solutions like Centiel's StratusPower, tailored to the unique demands of AI data centers, companies can ensure that their AI workloads remain uninterrupted, their hardware is protected, and their research and development efforts can progress without costly setbacks.

As AI continues to transform industries and shape our future, the role of UPS in powering these technological marvels cannot be overstated. With innovative solutions like Centiel's StratusPower, data centers can future-proof their power infrastructure, embrace renewable energy, and drive the sustainable growth of the AI revolution.