Annika Ramsköld

Vice President Sustainability, Vattenfall

Annika is an experienced Vice President with a demonstrated history of working in the utilities industry. Strong professional skilled in Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategy, Business Development and Communication.

Annika's role as VP of Sustainability at Vattenfall is to set the overall direction for sustainability including policy, targets & KPIs in the Vattenfall Group.
She coordinates all the sustainability disciplines to get an aligned sustainability strategy, steering and way of working on all levels within the company, including setting specifications for reporting of performance data, monitors progress and follow up sustainability activities as well as having stakeholder dialogue (external & internal) on their 7 sustainability areas - Offer customers solutions enabling sustainable use of energy, Increase Renewable, Reduce emissions, Increase resource efficiency, Take responsibility for our impact on local communities and nature, Responsible sourcing & purchasing, Focus on our People (incl. diversity, health & safety, business ethics).

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