Andy Lawrence

Executive Director of Research, Uptime Institute

Andy Lawrence serves as Executive Director of Research, Uptime Institute, providing information and insights for planning and managing critical digital infrastructure. He has researched, written and presented on a wide range of enterprise technology topics, spanning innovation and disruption, investment, automation, software, energy, sustainability, and market development. During his tenure, Andy has also contributed to European Union projects on cloud services and clean energy, and on an international project to carbon footprint IT. His current research interests include disruptions in infrastructure and energy, edge data centers, cloud and distributed resiliency.

Before joining Uptime Institute, Andy served as Research Director for 451 Research, leading teams analyzing and advising on topics including Eco-Efficient IT, renewable energy, 5G and data center technologies. Andy also co-founded Infoconomy, a publishing and research company focusing on enterprise IT; and was a technology and business journalist writing for business and national media. He launched several IT business magazines and information services in both the UK and US. He has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Manchester, with an interest in Philosophy of Science.

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