Jonathan Davis

Managing Director, Australia, Power Solutions, a Division of Langley Holdings plc

Jonathan is responsible for the business development and operations for the Piller Company in Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific Islands. Jonathan has been involved in the power quality and sustainable energy industries for the majority of his working career; more than 30 of those years with Piller. Jonathan is a co-founder of the Piller Company in Australia and having worked through all facets of the company, he has gathered a wealth of product, business and market applications experience in power protection systems. During his time with Piller, Jonathan has had the pleasure of growing the business from the ground up and building a team of highly dedicated staff and specialists. Piller Australia has delivered hundreds of customised Rotary and Diesel-Rotary UPS solutions to their clients in the Data Centre, Telecommunications, Banking and Defence sectors and various other applications throughout Australasia. Based on more than 100 years’ experience and a wide product range such as Static, Hybrid, Rotary and Diesel-UPS technologies, Piller can satisfy any requirement at power ranges 3kVA up to 50MVA in a variety of electrical constellations and distribution networks.

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