The world is reducing its reliance on polluting forms of energy and moving away from fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide – a polluting greenhouse gas. Energy used for transport, heating, and industry - traditionally fossil fuel based - is moving towards cleaner sources. Greening of electricity systems is well advanced, with favourable economics accelerating the adoption of renewable energy.

The emerging future energy system looks quite different to that of the past. There is a major shift in how, where, and when energy is generated, transmitted, stored, and managed. Digitalisation is central to enabling this energy transition due to its capability to optimise complex systems.

This whitepaper explores the implications of the energy transition and discusses the opportunities for key energy stakeholders. It looks at the cross-sectoral interactions that may take place such as those between large demand centres and the electricity system. It identifies some immediate actions that could be facilitated by data center operators.