To ensure their data centers can support AI and other high-performance workloads that will inevitably define the data-driven era, service providers must adopt a modern technology stack for their data centers as soon as possible. A modern data center technology stack provides a comprehensive framework to ensure that data centers are agile, flexible, resilient, and scalable.

As data centers are increasingly tasked with supporting applications with more demanding compute and storage requirements and managing ever-larger volumes of data from various sources, our whitepaper, The Power of Now: Accelerate the Data Center, examines how data centers can transition to a new infrastructure stack. This stack includes advanced hardware and accelerated computing, rack-scale integration, a software-defined architecture, and a microservices application environment.

Read this whitepaper now to gain insights on:

  • The growing demand for richly configured servers driven by AI
  • How technology is addressing the challenges faced by traditional data centers
  • What a modern technology stack entails for a data-driven data center
  • How to implement a successful strategy for data center modernization