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El congreso virtual para la industria del Data Center en México, CA y Caribe

Keynote: New Power and Cooling Solutions for today's Data Centers, from Hyperscale to Edge

Esta sesión ha tenido lugar el Septiembre 30, 2020

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This presentation will discuss the disruptive technologies that are re-shaping the power and cooling architecture of the modern data center. The topic covers the entire domain, including hyper-scale as well as enterprise, colocation, edge, and HPC data centers. The technology space is undergoing a massive disruption driven by cloud, IoT, AI and information explosion and it is becoming obvious that the traditional data center can no longer support such transformation. Power and energy are essential elements of this process and the presentation will attempt to outline the most transformational solutions including topics such as Software Defined Power, Distributed Generation, OCP, new energy storage and high density cooling solutions.