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DCD>Debate - Beyond aesthetics: Does Data Center design matter?

In the digital age, where data is the lifeblood of numerous industries, Data Centers play a pivotal role in powering our interconnected world and are increasingly influencing the development of our urban landscape. While the design of Data Centers often emphasizes efficiency, security, and scalability, there exists a realm of opportunities that extend far beyond the surface-level aesthetics.

As Data Centres move closer to urban developments they’re increasingly exposed, prompting greater scrutiny of the development’s impact on the local community and the built environment of our cities. Well-considered, distinctive architectural design can also help operators to stand-out from the crowd and ease the planning and development process.

This thought-provoking DCD>Debate brings together leading experts and industry pioneers to explore the multifaceted aspects of Data Center design. We’ll discuss lessons learnt and opportunities from more mature markets and uncover the often-overlooked design benefits, from operational efficiency and environmental sustainability to community acceptance and user experience.