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    Customer Insight Future-proofing your colocation business

    A Black & White paper is a study based on primary research survey data that assesses the market dynamics of a key enterprise technology segment through the lens of the “on the ground” experience and opinions of real practitioners — what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

  • Schneider Essential Elements.PNG

    Essential Elements of Data Center Facility Operations

    This Schneider Electric paper describes unique management principles and provides a comprehensive, high-level overview of the necessary program elements for operating a mission critical facility efficiently and reliably throughout its life cycle.

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    Specifying Data Center IT Pod Architectures

    This Schneider Electric paper explains how to specify the physical infrastructure for an IT pod and describes optimum configurations based on available power feeds, physical space, and targeted average rack power densities.

  • IBM API Connecy

    IBM API ConnectCreate. Run. Secure. Manage

    Introducing IBM API Connect, the only comprehensive API management solution that addresses all four aspects of the API Lifecycle: creating, running, securing , and managing APIs.

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    Making the Cloud Connection

    This IBM guide provides clarity on the importance of connecting enterprise systems, data and applications with the cloud to unlock their value.

  • IBM Evolution off the API Economy.PNG

    Evolution of API Economy

    IBM provides the expertise and technology to help organizations design strategies that put APIs at the core of their digital and physical businesses.

  • IBM Application intergration suite datasheet.PNG

    Application Integration Suite Datasheet

    Download this paper to understand how the IBM Application Integration Suite is a powerful hybrid integration solution that will help you to be successful in your digital transformation.

  • Data Centers Best Practices 2018 commscope.PNG

    Data Centers Best Practices 2018

    A holistic view of the data center and the opportunities to enhance its infrastructure to meet current and future demands

  • get the most of your mutli tenant commsscope.PNG

    Best Practices for Multi Tenant Data Center Migration

    CommScope has teamed with data center industry expert Donough Roche from Datacentrs, Inc. and other industry leaders in our MTDC Advisory Board to offer this eBook, Get the Most from Your Host. This eBook addresses best practices in the eight stages of planning, designing, migration and Day Two operations of an enterprise’s data center assets in an MTDC environment.

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    Defining four edge archetypes and their technology requirements

    This paper presents a description of each archetype with examples of the most impactful use cases, along with an overview of their connectivity requirements to local, metro and regional hubs, which represent the edge transmission layer and core and are sometimes differentiated as edge, fog and cloud computing