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Paulo de Andrade Junior

Data Center Advisory

Engineer with over thirty-three years in the IT (17y, IBM and Kyndryl) and manufacturing (16y) industries with experience that encompasses technical, financial, and service level objectives. In the IT - financial, planning, and technical support for the requests related to the offices and 25 data center locations (16K m2; 34MW). Executed more than 300 business cases for new capacity, leasing and renewals, acquisition and complex deals, cost reduction opportunities, retrofits, and hardware maintenance outsourcing; and contract management. From the business side, final approver of the medium and high-risk activities in the critical infrastructures. Sustainability and relevant energy costs reductions by moving 10MWh to the free market, re-designing raised floor layout and cooling systems using IoT, and by optimizing the IT hardware usage. Ability to work globally with multicultural, cross-generational, multidisciplinary, and virtual teams to run operations smoothly. Lived abroad in Italy, England, and France. To keep a balanced life, I cook, read, and run (2K per y).