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Staffan Stymne

CEO & Co-Founder, T.Loop

Staffan is the CEO and co-founder of T.Loop, a Swedish colocation operator that, with its innovative concept Data Energy Center®, takes the data center industry into the circular economy. The concept reuses existing energy- and building infrastructure, optimizes heat recovery of excess heat for heating buildings and utilizes UPS and batteries to stabilize the electricity grid. Through sector integration and smart energy solutions where assets are shared and better utilized, values are unlocked that makes everyone a winner.

The company has installed the world's first Data Energy Center® in an existing commercial building based on liquid cooling with 100% heat recovery and with a combined use of the UPS system for the delivery of various grid support services to the power grid.

Together with Mathias Lindqvist and Jonas Nyman, Staffan founded the company in 2020, driven by the vision to design data centers as an integrated solution to the green energy transition, utilizing a circular business model approach. The founders’ combined expertise in energy and data center operations has given rise to a trailblazing concept – the Data Energy Center®. The company inaugurated its first data center in December 2023 and is now poised to launch the third to the market, delivering on the company's projected growth.

With over 25 years of experience in the energy sector, Staffan has held various roles and developed expertise in several areas, notably in district energy. He has earned an M.Sc. in Applied Cooling and Thermodynamics, a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and an Executive degree in Infrastructure Service Management from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

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