ChatGPT might allow you to extrude words at great pace, but here at DCD, we prefer to build our features word-by-word manually. In our latest magazine, we look at how a data center was built via extruded concrete from an industrial-sized printer.

In Issue #52 of DCD>Magazine, we head to Germany to visit the world’s first 3D-printed data center.

A relatively modest 500kW facility, the building is simultaneously the largest 3D-printed building in Europe, the first purpose-built industrial 3D-printed building, and the world’s first 3D-printed data center.

We talk to the people behind the project about why they chose to build this way, discuss the foibles of 3D-printing mission-critical infrastructure, and look at whether there might be more in the future.

Elsewhere in this issue, we look at how EdgeCloudLink developed a data center in California that runs primarily off hydrogen, how Verizon prepares and repairs its networks in the face of major disasters, and how Houthi rebels in Yemen attacking shipping lanes in the Red Sea could impact global subsea connectivity.

We also look at the world of gambling infrastructure, the trials and tribulations of Atos and Gaia-X, and visit Castrol’s latest immersion cooling data center.

On the leadership front, we talk to Khazna’s Hassan Alnaqbi and EdgeCore’s Lee Kestler about building data center companies in their respective markets.

Finally, we explore the potential impact of HAMR technology on HDDs, review this year’s MWC, talk AI in chip design, and provide a deep dive into UPS systems.

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