Data Center Training

Using training to help the industry design, build, and operate better data centers across the globe

DCD>Academy works with companies throughout the data center ecosystem to build training programs that target all areas of their mission critical workforce. From sales & marketing teams, to design divisions, to construction teams and the hands-on data center operations staff, we can put together a training plan to suit your needs.

Credential-Based Data Center Training Framework

Data Center Training Framework 2024

A new training & education baseline for the industry

Digital infrastructure is a trillion-dollar industry, and data centers are the central cog to a data system that keeps the world turning. So, isn’t it about time that we demystify the data center and help more people understand the evolution of one of the most exciting infrastructure industries of the 21st Century?

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Industry-recognized credentials

Data center training options

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    Corporate L&D Solutions

    DCD>Academy is the leading international provider of corporate learning and development services to the data center industry. Our blended approach allows us to tailor data center training programs that are highly flexible, efficient, time and cost-effective, and deliver results quickly.

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    FMCI or Foundations of Mission Critical Infrastructure is the industry's most comprehensive online data center training program that currently comprises 18 e-learning modules and a total of 64 hours of self-study.

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    Virtual Classroom

    With an average class size of 8, our virtual classroom experience is highly interactive, allowing our expert instructors around the world to engage with students 1-on-1 and for groups to collaborate on learning exercises and course work.

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