147 Days
Business Design Centre (Co-located with DCD>Connect | London)

The dedicated, closed-door event exploring the current and upcoming investment & financing trends underpinning the digital infrastructure sector, co-located with DCD>Connect | London

Data Center Investment Forum Agenda

Previous attendees include:

  • "I enjoyed meeting the top people in the industry at the DCD>Investment Forum, to share key learnings and gauge the temperature of the market!"

    Simon Angeldorff, Scandinavian Data Centers
  • "It was great discussing how we can find a common denominator for accelerating sustainability based investments across datacentres and digital infrastructure more broadly."

    Carlotta Giacché, NORD/LB
  • "Excited to be participating in the DCD>Investment Forum today. Exceptional gathering of industry professionals."

    Gulfraz Qayyum, Citigroup