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Data Center Operations Team of the Year

Cat. #12, Individual & Team Categories

No one runs a data center in isolation, and teamwork is a crucial skill alongside the technical know-how the job requires. While working to ensure the operation runs reliably and effectively in line with client expectation, the operations team needs also to respond effectively to unforeseen situations, requests and challenges.

The judges want to hear about teams convened for special tasks or 'one-off' projects, or to deal with unforeseen situations. The successful team will demonstrate organization, coordination and dedication. The entry might, for example, describe fitting out, refitting or decommissioning a site, or handling a specific and essential operational challenge at any stage in the data center life cycle.

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • The team must have been convened for a special purpose or assignment and have started work on the tasks assigned to it since 1st September 2021. The tasks should be sufficiently completed for the judges to be able to assess the performance of the team.
  • This category is not intended to award usual, 'everyday' team activities however high quality and valuable they may be.
  • Teams from operators of any category of data center (enterprise, colocation/data center services, MSP, ISP, cloud provider etc) are eligible for this category.
  • Teams may include people from a number of different organisations, for example, data center staff + consultants + vendors etc.

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