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The Data Center Construction Channel

How to build the business case for 800G and create a network fit for growth

This session took place on September 7, 2022

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What to consider before you scale your fiber infrastructure to 800G

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When building at scale, networks are constantly challenged to provide more capacity faster, reduce latency with redundancy and reduce power consumption where possible. Contradictory requirements make this a balancing act for all involved. The evolution we are experiencing in network electronics has reached another pivot point. For decades, duplex fiber applications were the norm in data centers, replaced with 4-pair to increase capacity and now 8-pair for increased efficiency.

Today, increasing capacity via higher fiber count provides the ability to deliver more, faster, better access with simpler architectures and the added benefit of lower cost and power per gigabit. This presentation will review the background and considerations for scaling fiber infrastructure for the growing data center.

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