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Panel: Is data center power infrastructure doing its job?

This session took place on May 16, 2023

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Panel: Is data center power infrastructure doing its job?

In recent years the data center industry has been contending with the growing challenge of energy insecurity due to archaic grids and a lack of modern infrastructure. However, whilst a lot of talk has been had around securing power supply, data centers need to take greater action when it comes to their own operations by investing in and innovating their outdated UPS and HVAC systems. But, in an industry with an ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it mentality’, how can we make the business case for modernising power management systems?

This episode will initially consider the first hurdle when it comes to change - the adaptability of operations. In particular this will weigh up the costs and benefits of innovating existing systems, consider whether a phased approach is the best way to modernise, and highlight the necessity of building retrofit potential into new facilities. Expert speakers will also explore the role of new technologies in data centers, and comment on how AI, ML and automation will aid in developing a ‘smart’ future for the data center power ecosystem. Finally this panel will assess how data centers are being made simpler, and how by avoiding complex systems operations can make their power infrastructure more straightforward to ensure uptime.