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How to design resilient and reliable power infrastructure

This session took place on May 16, 2023

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What are we building resiliency and reliability for?

There are a number of ‘R’s’ referred to when discussing the key tenets that ensure the uptime of a data center, but when it comes to power, resilience and reliability are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. However, when balancing the needs of a wider data center, there must be thorough due diligence to ensure that changing one part of the energy ecosystem does not compromise overall operational robustness. With more requirements being put on facilities operators than ever before, how can we really understand what is needed, and how can we get the balance right?

This episode will break down the key factors that pose a threat to resilience and reliability. Firstly it will explore the operational factors, highlighting the need of regular power maintenance to avoid running systems to breaking point, underlining that reducing CapEx and Opex can have significant impacts on reliability. Sustainability also presents difficulties as there is an inherent conflict between reliability and energy efficiency, so how can developing a TCO enable an operation to find optimum balance? Expert speakers will also highlight challenges, and the way around, for demand response programmes - in particular security, in order to equip data center leaders with the tools to protect their operations.

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