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Tech showcase: Getting granular on connectivity

This session took place on May 7, 2024

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Tech showcase: Getting granular on connectivity

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Join us for a closer look at the INX™ 760 Probe Microscope, redefining the landscape of fiber inspection technology. Discover the power of true automation, seamless tip configuration changes, crystal-clear imaging, and VIAVI TPA™ integration, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. This conversation will discuss:

  • The benefits of accurate imaging for cable quality assurance to ensure reliability
  • The importance of ensuring alignment, efficiency, and accuracy in fiber inspection
  • The values of increased speed in the inspection workflow through automation

As demand for Data Center bandwidth continues to increase, the need for new fiber solutions has never been more pivotal. High-density optical cable and connectivity have become critical parts of the conversation, driving the need for multi-fiber connectors, ribbon cables, and high density patching systems. Tune in for a deep dive on Belden’s DCX Optical Distribution Frame and FiberExpress Flexible Ribbon Cable and a conversation on:

  • The transformation of network architectures in the AI economy
  • The importance of optimizing and futureproofing your fiber infrastructure to reduce the need for future upgrades
  • The role of scalability and customization in network infrastructure
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