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Panel: How to balance AI enablement and sustainability in 2024

This session took place on December 18, 2023

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How to balance AI enablement and sustainability in 2024

The past year has been marked by significant leaps in AI capabilities, exacerbating the already rising demands put upon data centers. As the industry rallies to prepare for the continued growth of these workloads, they must remain vigilant to ensure they also meet their sustainability targets by driving efficiencies throughout their operations. However, whilst managing these dual challenges is an undertaking in itself, operators must also juggle other factors influencing their businesses to ensure they can meet demand sustainably.

During this final episode of 2023, subject matter experts from Vertiv will address the dominant trends expected to shape the market in the year to come. From the impact AI will have on construction decisions, to the expanding search for energy storage alternatives, expert speakers will highlight how the market is set to evolve. Critically, this episode will consider how AI workloads are triggering operations to prioritize flexibility in their planning, and how the growing requirements for cloud services could have implications for data security.

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