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Why Sweden, why now?

This session took place on April 18, 2024

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Why Sweden, why now?

This episode will stream live at 9:00am ET

The European data center market remains robust and resilient, driven by market demand for hyperscale and colocation, as well as growing demand for higher densities. Whilst FLAP-D has been the traditional go-to for these deployments, the industry is now starting to see the demand for other regions picking up as a shortage of land and power, together with regulatory demand on sustainability, makes it harder to source capacity that ticks all boxes. This panel will discuss:

  • The future of the European data center market and how to tackle the challenges ahead
  • How the role of the FLAP-D markets will change amid power struggles and latency requirements
  • The potential for growing markets like Sweden, and how they can be a solution for customers seeking green capacity and rapid deployment
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