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Testing data center networks: Pushing performance everywhere

This session took place on April 19, 2024

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Testing data center networks: Pushing performance everywhere

This episode will stream live at 9:00am ET

The rise in data consumption, cloud adoption, and new technologies such as generative AI have increased the need for reliable, low-latency networks. As such, fiber optics have become crucial for ensuring rapid, efficient, and reliable data communication.

But how can we accelerate flawless network construction and ensure optimal interconnectivity? What happens when systems start to lag? How can we ensure compatibility and interoperability between different components and new technologies when upgrading the network infrastructure? This discussion will cover:

  • How network testing requirements are changing in the era of AI
  • Accelerating the construction and certification of data centers without compromising quality
  • Maintaining high-performance data centers
  • Adapting networks to the changing tech landscape
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