Leveraging UPS technologies to enable resilient Edge operations

This episode will stream live at 10am ET

Edge operators are well versed in the challenges of the Edge and Distributed IT, but Increasing rack density for AI and HPC comes with its own unique set of challenges when scaling. To address this problem, Schneider Electric has developed the APC Smart-UPS Ultra and Smart-UPS Modular Ultra. These next-generation Lithium-ion UPS’s are designed to embed power protection into distributed computing environments. This episode will explore:

  • The scalability and flexibility of design to ensure technologies can be adapted to their use case
  • Software-enabled Uninterruptible Power Supplies to prepare you for the future of distributed IT
  • The benefits of lithium-ion batteries over alternatives, particularly for distributed computing
  • The challenges for sustainable power at the Edge and how UPS challenges will mitigate against