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Panel: How are data centers becoming more dynamic to support the grid?

This session took place on March 14, 2023

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Panel: How are data centers becoming more dynamic to support the grid?

As grids continue to buckle under the increasing demand for power, it is no wonder that the data center industry is ramping up its deployment of onsite power generators. However, this supply challenge presents an opportunity for data centers to meaningfully engage in grid participation, and through innovative demand response programmes act as batteries to support the grid, help optimize energy usage and facilitate the penetration of renewable energy.

This episode will explore how data centers are innovating their operations in order to partake in the unique opportunity of maintaining grid balance, whilst also reaping the benefits of becoming prosumers opposed to consumers. By exploring the latest in UPS technologies attendees will gain actionable insights into how to improve load balancing and demand response, thus ensuring resilience by strengthening the data center and grid intersection. Additionally this episode will consider how grid participation can help combat the NIMBYISM trend by demonstrating to communities that data centers are becoming intrinsically linked to grid stability.