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Panel: Software - the silver bullet to solve the workforce shortage?

This session took place on March 23, 2023

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Panel: In what ways are automation and software going to impact the workforce strategy for data centers?

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The developments in software over the past two years mean that technology has become critical to the way data centers have been managed and operated. DCIM was accelerated during the pandemic, and predictive analytics has allowed data center managers to shift their operations from reactive to proactive. Despite this, fewer than one in five data center operators believe that AI will replace staff in the next few years, and the prospect of widespread ‘lights out’ data centers seem elusive.

This panel will bring together industry experts to discuss how software has changed their staffing strategies. Faced with a talent shortage and a lack of new blood, can software help to ease the pressure by taking over the more monotonous day-to-day tasks? In what ways can technological innovation help to identify opportunities for better energy efficiency and reduced OpEx spending? Crucially, speakers will provide insight into how they have upskilled their staff in order to work with and monitor the analytics that software provides.

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