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Tech showcases: How can innovative technologies help drive sustainability?

This session took place on November 16, 2023

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Tech showcases: How can innovative technologies help drive sustainability?

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Chatsworth Products Tech Showcase: Leverage intelligent cooling solutions to prepare for future workloads

As demand for compute continues to increase, data center operators are rethinking their cooling strategies to move more heat away from servers. To manage these rising heat densities, data centers need an intelligent and scalable approach to maximize their current infrastructure capacity with minimal investment.

During this tech showcase, Chatsworth Products will outline cooling solutions that scale from simple airflow management to full liquid cooling to facilitate the growth of workloads. This episode will explore how these systems work seamlessly together as a single-vendor turnkey platform that supports increasing power densities while reducing costs and optimizing efficiency.

Speaker: Sam Rodriguez, Chatsworth

Munters Tech Showcase: Innovations in cooling - how can a hybrid solution drive efficiency?

During this technology showcase, Munters will demonstrate how adaptable and flexible cooling solutions can provide efficient thermal management for both new and retrofit applications.

In particular they will explore the efficiencies such as energy savings and reduced water consumption, highlighting how by integrating innovative cooling technologies data center owners and operators can make significant improvements to their carbon footprint.

Speaker: Jim Marsh, Munters

Moxa Tech Showcase: How the next era of networks will accelerate the journey to net-zero 

As the industry grapples with the AI boom whilst striving to advance their sustainability agendas, it is imperative that operators innovate their networks in order to drive energy and operational efficiencies throughout their businesses. However as the data center sector continues to scale at pace, they must ensure their ability to adapt their network infrastructure is both flexible and robust enough to meet demand. 

During this tech showcase Moxa will showcase how innovative network design and management can unlock huge savings throughout an operation. Breaking down the tangible benefits such as reduced power consumption, smarter cooling and improved water management, Moxa will highlight how with the right investment, businesses can achieve sustainable and reliable operations.

Speaker: Dallas Nan, Business Development Manager, Moxa

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