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Grand Hyatt Bali, Nusa Dua

DCD>Major Panel: Future APAC data center hubs - Where next for the future of the market?

Singapore, Sydney, Beijing and Tokyo have dominated the conversation around data centers in the region for decades. But as we see further development in emerging markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and others, could we be seeing a shift in the data center landscape, what’s brought us to this point and what does this mean for the future market map?

This panel will delve into the state of the market, examining the current landscape of data center projects across the APAC region. Experts will discuss the key market indicators, including investment and M&A activity, technological adoption, and key regional nuances. Which markets will play a significant role in the future of data center site selection? What will be the impact of increased investment in new subsea cable routes? How can future opportunities best be leveraged?