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Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

Networks & Connectivity Welcome Lunch Briefing

Network native data center fiber networks - A whitespace journey from wasteful to sustainable

The adoption of computing, networking, and storage platforms is accelerating and lifecycles for these technologies are becoming shorter and more reliant on cabling and connectivity
infrastructure in a Data Center Network. In the new normal, traffic and capacity patterns must be scalable and available across the entire DCN in the building and across the campus. The effects from mashing legacy and current technology together can result in massively inefficient use of inter-room pathways and conveyances as well as whitespace at the rack and room level.

In this private lunch session hear about how a data center recently faced this challenge, and how CommScope helped them to develop a blueprint for a more adaptable, simplified, and efficient fiber infrastructure, resulting in their ability to adopt and scale current and future technologies without having to re-architect their DCN fiber connectivity. Join our hosts and your peers from across the industry for a sit-down, 3-course lunch, as we discuss this challenge, and examine the components that were addressed during the multiple cycles leading up to and continuing past this project, and the sustainability savings delivered through this design.

This session is by invitation only