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DCD>Talks Lighting & The Path to Greener Data with Samuel Rabinowitz | LANTANA LED

Amid a power and climate crisis, data centers are under enormous pressure to modernize every aspect of their operations to ensure optimal efficiency and net-zero goals — all while meeting the increase in demand for new and expanded facilities to accommodate AI and high-density requirements. New revolutions in data center lighting are enabling developers and operators to meet new demands and take a significant step toward improving efficiency today.

Inefficient lighting results in unnecessary energy consumption and increases operational costs. Innovations in LED lighting designed for hot aisle applications are helping data center operators repurpose energy waste to increase server capacity and revenue. Furthermore, deploying LEDs in data centers reduces on-site construction waste and the amount of conduit required.

During this talk, we speak with a leading lighting provider about the latest next-gen solutions and how they can enable data centers to operate lighting at 90% efficiency. The path to Greener Data is here and now.