DCD’s APAC Awards Ceremony for 2018 concluded with a presentation ceremony and party on September 11 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Fittingly, the ceremony recognised the achievement of Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Agency (IMDA) in helping to build Singapore as a recognized global data center hub to match the data center epicenters of Western Europe and the United States and in the process redefining how Government bodies can drive a nation’s technological future. The Award is presented to all the employees and contributors from the IMDA and its precursor organizations.

The Award was presented to Mr Philip Heah, Assistant Chief Executive, Technology and Infrastructure Group, IMDA, by Li Guoqiang, Chief Architect of Data Center Facilities, Huawei, the sponsor of the Outstanding Contribution category. George Rockett, the CEO and co-founder of DCD, acted as MC for the ceremony and explained: “This Award is presented on the basis of extensive service to the data center industry and it has been presented in previous years to distinguished engineers, technologists and thoughts leaders. The APAC team has given most careful consideration to the recipient this year and the idea of awarding an organization rather than an individual was floated. Given that the work of the people within the IMDA matches the Award’s criteria perfectly, the Award is most well-deserved.”

Rockett’s introduction mentioned further achievements of note, including Tanjong Kling, the Singapore Data Centre Park and the IMDA’s work with stakeholders in developing a global brand that ticks all the right boxes to an industry that looks more than anything for reliability, security, quality of build and operation, and a legislative environment that understands the strange buildings that data centers are.

After accepting the Award, Philip Heah stated that he’d like to thank the whole data center industry in Singapore which he has found to have been very responsive to all the IMDA programs and initiatives. Watch the full video interview here.