Lee Kirby Photo
Lee Kirby, Salute – Salute Mission Critical

DCPro will continue to provide training programs in partnership with Salute Mission Critical (Salute), to drive forward its mission to attract and upskill more diverse talent to the data center market.

Salute seeks to transform military veterans into world class data center technicians; this helps ensure greater employment opportunities for veterans and simultaneously reduces the skills shortage within the data center industry. The strategic partnership acknowledges the skill-sets and qualities that veterans can bring to the digital infrastructure industry, and the value DCPro place on their involvement in the wider DatacenterDynamics community.

As part of the continued collaboration, DCPro will offer foundational training and a range of upskilling programs to Salute recruits across the UK & US. Lee Kirby, Chairman & Co-Founder, Salute, will continue to support DCPro and DCD diversity initiatives and training programs, to ensure not just foundational training for Salute recruits, but ongoing engagement in the year-round networking the company offers.

Daniel Celino, DCPro Commercial Director, commented: “We are delighted to be able to support Salute in their fantastic work, providing clients with high levels of technical expertise and service quality through training veterans.”

When describing the value of the ongoing work, Lee Kirby stated: “I am very excited about the opportunity for Salute’s veterans to have DCPro support as they begin their careers. The wider DCD community they become part of will help develop best-practice and networking to drive the industry forward.”