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3:01PM EDT // 8:01PM BST

That wraps up Day One of DCD>Critical Power Virtual. A big thank you to all our panelists and presenters, what a fantastic opportunity for us and the audience to hear insights from some of the most influential thought leaders in the industry today. We'll kick off again tomorrow bright and early at 7.00AM EDT (12.00PM BST). We'll have another fantastic day with some DCD regulars and others who are kindly lending us their thoughts.

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Ed Ansett - Liveblog Card.jpg

2:42PM EDT // 7:42PM BST

Really interesting look at software use cases from i3 solutions Group. Also some great points from Ed on the constraints of systems that physical infrastructure can put on software.

Dean Nelson - Liveblog Card.jpg

2:26PM EDT // 7:26PM BST

Some really valuable insights into how VPS are using their power bursting software to tackle the wasted power problem.


Ryan Kennedy, PE - Liveblog Card.jpg

2:16PM EDT // 7:16PM BST

Amazing visual representations on the role of software in controlling power supply and circuit breakers. The type of systems Ryan is talking about greatly increases speed.

Rhonda Ascierto - Liveblog Card.jpg

2:10PM EDT // 7:10PM BST

"They didn't do anything with the demand for power."

Great introduction from Rhonda on how the industry has changed over the past few years.

2:08PM EDT // 7:08PM BST

If you enjoy our curated panel debates, don't forget to explore our 2020 calendar of virtual conferences which all feature unique panel discussions amongst industry elites. Explore the conferences now & secure your place at the table.

1:55PM EDT // 6:55PM BST

Following the Technology Showcase, product experts from Mitsubishi Electric Power Products & Cummins are online now on the DCD>Networking Platform to answer any questions you may have. Log into the app and click "Connect to Partners" to get in touch.

CPV Session 8 Panel.jpg

Our next, and final session for the day is a great one - we're looking at how software is impacting mission critical power.

Aaron Schott - Liveblog Card.jpg

1:47PM EDT // 6:47PM BST

Another fantastic demo on Mistubishi UPS tech from Aaaron.

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1:31PM EDT // 6:31PM BST

Great presentation from Jan, always good to hear about a balanced approach to resiliency and reliability. ABB Canada are offering a number of engines that run on a variety of different fuels.

Rich Scroggins - Liveblog Card.jpg

1:13PM EDT // 6:13PM BST

Fantastic overview from Rich on some of the incredible tech that Cummins offer. Remember to download the presentation on-demand so you can access all the free resources Cummins has on offer.

11:45AM EDT // 4:45PM BST

Thanks to Steven for joining us before we head into our virtual roundtables. You can connect with Steven and watch his presentation again, for free, on-demand.

CPV Session 6 Panel.jpg

After our virtual roundtables, we'll be hosting our first Technology Showcase of Critical Power Virtual. Make sure you tune in to hear about the latest technology making waves in the industry.

Technology Showcase - Power Generation and Back-Up

Aaron Schott, Product Manager of Engineered Solutions, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc

Rich Scroggins, Technical Advisor, Cummins Inc

Jan Buijk, Chief Executive Officer, AB ENERGY

11:40AM EDT // 4:40PM BST

"Knowing knowing what a chiller is is great but knowing what a chiller is in this specific facility, and how this specific facility operates is much more important."

"If you have 10 facilities that have all the same systems well then you've made the ease of developing training much better and more you cost effective. But if you have an electrical monitoring system which is so complicated that nobody knows how to use it, well then that's useless."

Great insight from Steven.

11:31AM EDT // 4:31PM BST

It's nearly time for our first virtual roundtable discussions, "What do you think about clean energy pledges" and "Are data centers becoming too complex?". To grab the last seat, head over to the DCD>Networking Platform: DCD>Critical Power Virtual - Networking

11:20AM EDT // 4:20PM BST

Permanent load banks offer a number really important benefits according to Steven.

Lower overall costs, and important to the overall scheme of things - no temporary connections, it's all there and installed.

10:59AM EDT // 3:59PM BST

If you've enjoyed the discussion on the data center value chain with Schneider Electric, be sure to tune in to their session during DCD>Control & Automate next week. They'll be leading a fascinating panel, "How will humans and machines collaborate to manage the facilities of the future?" as part of the two day free-to-view conference. Learn more & register.

Remember, you can re-watch the presentation for free, on-demand and connect with both Frank and Mike on our dedicated networking platform.

Steven Shaprio - Liveblog Card.jpg

In our last session before our networking break, we'll be joined by Steven Shapiro, who will walk us through 'Striking the right balance between keeping it simple and complexity in the mission critical environment.'

Striking the right balance between keeping it simple and complexity in the mission critical environment

Steven Shapiro, PE, ATD, Partner, EYP Mission Critical Facilities

CPV - Session 4.jpg

10:47AM EDT // 3:47PM BST

Final points from both Frank and Mike on the increasingly important role of collaboration in the industry.

Bringing people across a range of stages of the 'process' will benefits everyone. As George mentioned, this is a considerable consolidation of the value chain.

Frank Nash - Liveblog Card.jpg

10:22AM EDT // 3:22PM BST

"Difficulty of finding a skilled workforce for hyperscale projects is a top concern for those surveyed."


10:09AM EDT // 3:09PM BST

Sharing Schneider's view of the overall ecosystem.

Schneider - Ecosystem.JPG

9:58AM EDT // 2:58PM BST

What a fantastic chat between Peter and George. Make sure you connect with Peter on the dedicated networking app to pick his brain and learn more about his amazing work across a number of organizations. You can also re-listen to the presentation by accessing it for free, on-demand.

CPV - Session 4.jpg

Our next panel will highlight key findings from the report, The Impact of Hyperscale Data Centers: How the Wave is Changing the Value Chain. The research reveals how the individual value chain members’ roles have evolved, what their leading pain points are, and what they believe is needed to succeed in this new industry reality.

9:33AM EDT // 2:33PM BST

Great retrospectives from Peter and George on the industry, specifically through the 2008 GFC.

How times have changed in just 10 years.

9:23AM EDT // 2:23PM BST

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8:40AM EDT // 1:40PM BST

Thank you very much to Ciarán for joining us on another great presentation. You can connect with Ciarán, and catch up on his presentation with our free resources: the dedicated networking app and our on-demand library.

Peter Gross - Liveblog Card.jpg

Our next presentation is a fireside chat with Peter Gross, which will be a journey through the past, the present challenges and the future of critical power infrastructure with a true industry pioneer.

8:18AM EDT // 1:18PM BST

"To be ready for the energy transition means we have to be cognisant that the grid is on the cusp of an irrefutable change in our industry...digitalization and electrification are now inextricably linked and there is no option but to be ready and reflect this in your data center strategy"

8:14AM EDT // 1:14PM BST

Interesting summary from Eaton on their views on key elements of transformation.


7:40AM EDT // 12:40PM BST

If you enjoyed our opening keynote with Microsoft, be sure to join us for DCD>Keeping IT Cool on 4-5 August when Husam Alissa, Senior Hardware Engineer & Technical Lead - Advanced Cooling, Microsoft will lead an address on the future of data center cooling.

Remember you can access Brian's presentation for free, on-demand and network with both Brian and other conference delegates on our dedicated networking app.

Ciaran Forde - Liveblog Card.jpg

Our next presentation features Ciarán Forde, who will outline key data centre technology and trends with a session focused on how to transform your data centre to be ready for the energy transition, be ready for edge compute and how to achieve optimisation across both the data and the electrical domain and make your data centre function as a system

7:20AM EDT // 12:20PM BST

Great snapshot from Brian on Microsoft's goals and progress regarding sustainability.


7:12AM EDT // 12:12PM BST

"It's not enough for companies to just be carbon neutral...we are going to have to come up with new technologies that are capable of removing carbon from the atmosphere"

Do you agree with Brian?

Brian Janous - Liveblog Card.jpg

4:50AM EDT // 9:50AM BST

In just a few hours, we'll kick off DCD>Critical Power Virtual with a keynote from Brian Janous at Microsoft. Join our Brian to gain insight inside into Microsoft’s journey and current challenges; influencing all aspects of the supply chain, promoting climate equity and delivering zero waste goal.