Category sponsor Schneider Electric presented DCD’s Multi Tenant Data Center Award to EcoDataCenter (in collaboration with Total Data Center Solutions) at the DCD>Awards 2020 on December 3 2020. This award recognizes innovation in greenfield and brownfield data center design within the faced paced colocation sector.

This unique facility from EcoDataCenter is climate positive - actively supporting carbon reduction. Every aspect of the design, construction and operation considers that as the main priority. The radical construction materials were critical in achieving a low carbon footprint for the site and contributing to it’s sustainable design.

The team at EcoDataCenter had a specific vision - the data center needed to be designed and built in a way that would minimize impact on the environment and if possible make a positive impact on the carbon footprint. This required careful consideration in every aspect from the site location, to the construction method and even the infrastructure design. The resulting data center is what EcoDataCenter considers to be a ‘climate positive’ facility.

The use of innovative and radical construction materials, as well as the incredible thought put into the design and operation is proof of an amazing concept from EcoDataCenter. The location, design, build and operation of the facility aims to reduce CO2 emissions of the IT sector, and is proof that data centers can operate with a positive impact on the environment and local community.