Data centers now use a significant amount of energy and generate a level of heat that impacts their surroundings. We have to find creative ways to deal with this which has implications at the macro level, for the whole building, and the surrounding area and also opens possibilities at the micro level, down to the processors, and even inside them.

This supplement shows how engineers can use the physics of cooling to find a way forward for the next generation of data center technology. Read now to get insights on:

  • Combining heat and compute- Every Watt of data center power should be used twice
  • When less isn’t more - Data center operators will need to adopt hybrid cooling strategies to handle growing IT densities. What does that mean?
  • Microfluidics: Cooling inside chips - If you think immersion is the end game for liquid cooling, think again.
  • Precision cooling at the chip level - How thousands of tiny jets could be coming to a data center near you
  • Why Intel is getting into cooling - How to cool 2kW processors