How the Edge will be deployed across the world is one of the fundamental questions faced by the data center sector over the next decade.

Much of the industry's focus, including our own, has been on what's happening in the US and Europe. But perhaps we should have been looking to Mexico.

Mexico Telecom Partners (MTP), which is owned by Digital Bridge and Macquarie Mexican Infrastructure Fund, operates thousands of towers across the country.

Now, it hopes to get into the Edge. Under the project name of 'The Data Center in Your City,' MTP Has begun to deploy small Edge containers in cities across the country.

The company now has some 59 Edge sites (deployed on behalf of a mobile customer), with 11MW of total power capacity, but it won the Latin America Data Center Development Award at the DCD Awards show for its work on the two most recent facilities.

Those sites, in León and Tijuana, are based on its new generation of design, which has achieved an Uptime Tier III design certification. The first was deployed in November 2021, with the second site coming a month later.

MTP developed a proprietary design for its containers, which it says allows it to have more control over changing the system based on feedback and experience. It has a LEGO-type architecture, to allow for adding and replacing components.

The deployments are unmanned, use free-cooling, aisle containment, and load distribution. They rely on temperatures above the average of the ASHRAE quadrant, and have a centralized BMS to spot issues.

The company claims a PUE of 1.5, and says each site has 2N in power.

MTP's Sales SVP Javier Wiechers Veloz told DCD that "it has been a lot of effort for myself and my team, as well as our investors and our leaders, thank you for this award.” 