But for these highly distributed, unstaffed, ‘lights out’ spaces this shift comes with unique challenges and demand enhanced visibility and monitoring capabilities that must be accounted for. This was a focus of a recent presentation by RF Code at the recent DCD>Building at the Edge event, which is now available to watch ‘on-demand’ by clicking here or by filling in the form below.

This session, led by two renowned experts from RF Code, Jonathan Luce , SVP of Global Sales, Marketing and Business Development and Ross Sonnabend , SVP of Product Strategy and Marketing, define the Edge as an extension of the existing data center architecture, discuss the unique characteristics of Edge spaces that must be accounted for in a cohesive reference architecture, and look at some real-world examples of large organizations that successfully transitioned their traditional data center operations to embrace Edge computing.

Luce and Sonnabend, gave a highly insightful presentation firmly rooted in the real world rather than the drawing board and focusing on the ‘myths and realities’ that they hear through their extensive work with clients around the world when it comes to Edge.

The first is a view that Edge really isn't relevant to small companies and is instead focused on large companies or major data centre operators, or quite simply - “I'm not sure how it would work for me.”

Secondly, are concerns by business about how to adopt the right Edge deployment in order to get the business results they need.

And finally, is an opinion of Edge sites as being "just small data centers" and the ensuing concerns about securing the required talent, security levels and other technological commitments and investments.

Watch this presentation to learn Luce and Sonnabend’s thoughts on these viewpoints, insights into their discussions with customers and an exploration of what prevents them from developing or launching a more complex Edge strategy. Plus a look at physical and data security, successful deployments at scale and much more. Watch now!