With several enterprise data centers undergoing significant evolution in 2021, choosing a winner was never going to be easy.

This year's Enterprise Data Center Evolution Award was sponsored by Honeywell, and the competition was undeniably still.

However, it is sometimes what we do when things become difficult that sets us apart, and for Intertek-PSI, this was the case.

After having to discontinue support for IBM Power Systems, Intertek-PSI needed to move its Power-based ERP and other applications into the cloud.

Ultimately, this was the migrations of four LPARs, more than forty x86 VMs, and 29 terabytes of data into Skytap on Azure in three months. Needless to say, this was a massive undertaking, and yet the company successfully pulled it off without affecting systems or causing downtimes.

Intertek-PSI demonstrated how innovation, thinking out of the box (and into the cloud!), and collaboration brings incredible results. Upon accepting the award, Anthony Brandonisio, Senior Applications Manager at Intertek, acknowledged the role of their collaborators in their success.

“This was a huge project for our organization as it involved transitioning several mission-critical applications, including both our ERP and laboratory management system. I wanted to thank our partners Skytap and Meridian IT for making our business application migration go as smoothly as possible.”

Rachael Oborn, Pan-European Sales Director of Data Centres & Telco at Honeywell, the awards sponsors stated that “Seeing so many enterprise clients supporting this route in the evolution of technology is key, and Honeywell is proud to be a part of that and to provide our technologies in helping enterprise customers, enterprise data centers, and enterprise clients to actually catch this evolution of technology.”