Glasgow-based power and temperature control company Aggreko will supply 14 MW of gas-generated power to a new data center in Ireland until it moves to the main utility grid network in 2019.

The company behind the data center has not been named, but DCD understands that the client has fast tracked a project, causing it to need power ahead of schedule.

– Aggreko

It’s just a temporary thing

Aggreko will also supply an additional 4 MW as contingency power for when repair and maintenance is undertaken, for a total of 18 MW.

“We are delighted to be able to support this data center with its operational power needs until it is able to connect to the grid,” Billy Durie, head of European sector and account development for Aggreko, said.

“Data centers are being constructed at such a speed that in some countries the local infrastructure just cannot keep up with demand. Temporary gas-generated power makes perfect sense for data centers that need to be operational before a connection is available from the local power supplier, or simply where there is not enough capacity from the grid.”

The area already has piped gas available, which Aggreko will use to power the facility.

Durie added: “Aggreko has worked with many data centers globally, across all the stages of construction, commissioning and IST. We understand that they are highly critical environments.

“For this particular installation we worked closely with the client design team to ensure we supply a robust and resilient system that is also compliant with local bylaws and regulations.”

Upcoming Irish data centers of note include Apple’s oft-delayed Galway facility, Facebook’s $220 million Clonee facility, and Amazon’s plans for Tallaght.

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