An AI & quantum computing startup has launched a data center to host quantum computers in Maine.

Eternal Mind, Inc this week held an opening ceremony for the facility at the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone.

loring airbase main DC.png
– Google Maps

According to WagmTV, the company is occupying the former Air Force data center at the air base. Bangor Daily News notes the data center closed in 2017.

He told the news outlet the data hall could host “two or three” quantum systems, the first of which should be installed by June. Specifications of the quantum computers weren’t shared.

Located in Aroostook County, the air base was first built back in 1947 and closed in 1994. It was then converted into the Loring Commerce Centre business park.

The facility is developed in partnership with Green 4 Maine, which acquired a “sizable parcel” of the Loring Air Force Base last year totaling ‘several hundred acres.’

"Quantum computing represents the future of technology, and we are thrilled to be partnering with Green 4 Maine to bring this cutting-edge technology to the Loring Air Force Base," Avery Thomas, CEO of Eternal Mind, said last month when the facility was announced. "Our strategic partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, and we look forward to working together to drive the next generation of AI research and development."

Green 4 Maine entered into an agreement with the Loring Development Authority, where it will acquire a portion of land and buildings on the formerly occupied military base that will reportedly create more than one million square feet of commercial office, manufacturing, and warehouse space known as Green 4 Maine Campus at Loring.

"Green 4 Maine is proud to be at the forefront of technological innovation in Maine," said Scott Hinkel, president of Green 4 Maine. "Our partnership with Eternal Mind will not only create higher-paying technical jobs, but it will also position Maine as a leader in quantum computing and AI research."

Specifications of the facility weren’t shared, but a Green 4 Maine sales brochure includes a vacant 7,835 sq ft (728 sqm) building previously used as a data center, located on the corner of N Cutt Road and Cupp Road, that matches WagmTV footage.

Maine-based Eternal Mind describes itself as an AI technology and solutions company. Details on its website about what it actually offers are sparse.

CEO Thomas previously lead Maine ISP Coastline Wireless, which focused on remote islands off the coast of New England, and still leads privacy startup Private-Brands.

The company also suggests it is developing a separate data center at the base, with construction 'expected to begin in the coming months', with a target completion date of late 2024. Again, details weren’t provided.

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– IonQ

In other quantum news:

- Quantum computing firm IonQ has made its latest system, the 25 qubit Aria, available to access through Amazon Web Services (AWS) via its AWS Braket offering.

The IonQ Aria device is available starting today in the US East (N. Virginia) Region. AWS added that the availability of each IonQ device is now expanded to 15 hours per day on weekdays.

IonQ debuted its Harmony system on AWS’ platform in 2020. As well as AWS and its own cloud, IonQ systems are available to access through Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

“The addition of IonQ Aria to Amazon Braket provides our global customers with another choice when it comes to selecting a quantum system that best fits their specific needs,” said Richard Moulds, general manager, Amazon Braket. “IonQ was a launch partner for Braket and I am excited to expand our relationship, not only by providing access to their latest generation hardware but also launching the ability to apply error mitigation, for the first time.”