Alibaba Cloud has launched its first data center in Bangkok, Thailand.

First announced in October 2021, the company this week held an opening ceremony for the new facility.

Alibaba Cloud thailand.jpg
– Alibaba

“Data security and protection remains our top priority as we continue to expand. With the establishment of our new data center, we are committed to be compliant with Thailand’s rules and regulations,” said Tyler Qiu, country manager for Thailand, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “In addition, we want to bring our best technology offerings, as well as our vertical know-hows to Thailand. With Alibaba Cloud’s successful track record supporting global businesses, we hope to create an inclusive digital ecosystem to power Thailand’s vision as ASEAN’s digital hub.”

The company now operates 27 regions and 84 Availability Zones globally; Bangkok offers one availability zone. As well as a number of security and privacy services designed to cater for the incoming Thailand Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) including anti-DDoS service, WAF, security center, action trail, SSL certificate service, and resource access management, the facility will offer elastic compute, database, network, storage, developer services, content delivery, and enterprise applications.

“Together with Alibaba Cloud, we are bringing world-leading solutions to Thai customers to increase cloud adoption for their businesses,” said Diego Ma, CEO of HiCloud. “With Alibaba Cloud’s efforts in building up the local ecosystem, we can enjoy various benefits including training, enablement, and marketing opportunities with them in order to expand our offerings to wider customer base, and help our customers to speed up their digital transformation journey."

The data center has secured ISO27001 and ISO20000 certificates, and is compliant with Thailand PDPA regulations, as well as the financial regulatory guideline issued by The Bank of Thailand (BOT).

Tencent has two availability zones within Bangkok. None of the other major cloud providers have facilities in Thailand.

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