Data center firm Aligned has launched a new liquid cooling system.

Called DeltaFlow~, the liquid cooling technology is designed to support high-density compute requirements and supercomputers, and can cool densities up to 300kW per rack.

Aligned SLC-02 Data Center.jpeg
– Aligned

DeltaFlow~ is described as a turnkey solution supporting current and future liquid cooling technologies, including direct-to-chip, rear-door heat exchangers, and immersion cooling.

Aligned said the new DeltaFlow~ system integrates with Aligned’s air-cooled Delta³ technology, requiring no changes in power delivery or existing data hall temperatures.

“Aligned has been a leader and innovator in data center cooling for more than a decade. Providing customers the ability to scale seamlessly across rising rack densities is intrinsic to our data center designs; we call it ExpandOnDemand,” said Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned. “DeltaFlow~ is an extension of these capabilities. Our universal liquid cooling platform allows customers to maximize advancements in chipset technology and realize the benefits of graphics processing units (GPUs) across a wide range of computing applications, while mitigating time-to-market, cost, and risk.”

The company said the architecture supports liquid to the chip, rack, or tank, and relies on a closed-loop system without using outside air or water.

Aligned is the latest company to announce a high-density offering centered on liquid cooling. January saw Stack launch its own liquid cooling offering that can support 300kW or higher per rack with immersion cooling. In August 2023, CyrusOne launched a new AI-specific built-to-suit data center design, using immersion cooling, and other techniques, to achieve high power densities.

That same month, Digital Realty launched a high-density colocation service in 28 markets to support workloads of up to 70 kilowatts per rack, while Equinix announced in December it would be rolling out support for liquid cooling across a large proportion of its data center footprint. However, the company did not confirm what density its offering would be able to support. DataBank also has its own high-density data hall design able to accommodate liquid cooling.

Aligned has data centers in operation or development across Virginia, Utah, Illinois, Texas, Oregon, Arizona, and Ohio. It also has stakes in OData in South America and QScale in Canada.

Rather than pushing cold air into the data hall, Aligned’s existing Delta³ waterless air cooling system captures and removes heat by drawing hot air from the rack's exhaust. The cooling array provides 350kW of heat rejection in four feet, supporting up to 50kW rack densities.

Netrality is also a user of Aligned’s Delta³ system at its 1301 Fannin Street data center in Houston, Texas.